How An Amazing Pair Of Yoga Pants Can Transform Your Practice

Wether you are in downward dog, running along the beach, pop squatting in the gym, out for a paddle on the water or having a leisurely chill day, the active woman wants designer activewear that not only looks amazing, but is versatile, supportive and stays put!

From training professional athletes who want to achieve the dream to the mummy with the tummy she is self conscious of, one Aussie mum and postnatal fitness industry expert has got you covered with Aloki Athletica.

Designs that are are bright and feminine and embodies many years of research into ‘What Women Want’ in the perfect pair of activewear and yoga pants: 

  • Essential Tummy Control Activewear
  • Booty Tightening Activewear
  • Figure Hugging Activewear
  • Compression Fit Activewear
  • High Waistband Activewear
  • Versatile to swim, yoga or gym Activewear
  • Eco-conscious Activewear
  • Ethically made Activewear
  • Quick Dry Fabric Activewear
  • So comfortable I can wear it all day Activewear

Aloki Athletica hug in all the right places to create the self confident, modern woman, in their range of bright, functional, eco-conscious and ethical, hand-made designer yoga pants.

Every woman can feel confident that her yoga pants and activewear is going to stay just where it is and not have to worry about readjusting after every asana, posture or exercise because her yoga pants stay in place!

Women finally get to focus on why they are in their yoga pants in the first place - to be active!                                                                  

Aloki Athletica’s practical and supportive yoga pants echo what women of all ages have been calling for in activewear for years - bright, bold, vivid prints, quick dry eco fabric, figure-hugging cuts that make every woman feel as beautiful as they are, and the knowledge that each product is ethically manufactured, with the environment always in mind.

With an eco-poly fabric, the yoga pants are manufactured using processes that require less water and energy, limiting the impact on the environment.

Aloki Athletica’s  range allows woman of all ages and body types to express who they are and empower all women to lead their best lives, no matter what they are doing. Go get your Booty in a pair today! shop 


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