Our Ethos

At Aloki Athletica we focus on being able to provide high quality, lux and functional yoga pants using ethical and eco conscious manufacturers. We encourage you to reduce, recycle and reuse. 


How is your brand ethical and eco conscious?

Aloki Athletica has made a commitment, to using practices and working with, manufacturers with ethical production and that focus on waste reduction, recycling and reducing the impact on the environment. 

We believe everyone has a right to work in a respectful, safe and fair environment.

We think it is important to be eco-friendly were we can. We use reusable, compostable comPOST mailing bags from The Better Packing Co.; use practices that limit and reduce the need to print and use paper and ink; use recycled paper for our business cards; keep minimum stock and make to order, it means a wait for customers if we are not carrying what they want in stock, but reduces landfill with less waste and energy used in manufacturing

How are your yoga pants made ethically?

Our Yoga Pants are handmade in Canada with a manufacturer whose employees are paid fair wages, above minimum wage to start and no unpaid internships. They work usual hours and do not work public holidays. They are not made in sweatshops.

What makes your yoga pants eco conscious?

Our Canadian manufacturer uses an eco poly fibre, which uses substantially less energy, heat and water to manufacture; non toxic water based inks, that have  received the Zurich based International Oeko-Tex Associations Eco Passport Certification for sustainable and safe textile chemicals; recycle all paper waste; donate any excess garments to shelters. The fabric is also manufactured in a Canadian mill, which reduces the carbon emissions in transporting the fabric.

Why is it called an eco-poly?

The process developed by our fabric manufacturer uses 70% less water, 70% less energy and 70% less heat than traditional polyester manufacturing, this has a significant impact on our environment making it an eco-poly.

Why do you use an eco-poly instead of organic cotton, hemp or bamboo? 

Important design functions of our yoga pants is their performance, compression, longevity, versatility and prints. The eco-poly blend took our manufacturer 11months to develop to make sure they retain their shape, perform and hold wear after wear and  do not give up, with vibrant prints, that do not fade. We have not fund another fabric that perform as well as the eco-poly we use.

For us it is important to create a functional product that lasts and does not need to replaced every year due to piling , losing their shape or fading and to be able to be use non toxic inks in our prints.

We considered both sustainability and functionality when choosing a material for our yoga pants.